Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009...Things Change

2009 has brought many changes to my life, but my dedication to my artwork has been my constant joy as well as my therapy. The end of a long relationship, a move back to St. Augustine, two new jobs...many changes! My website has brought me several sales, which has been a validation of my art as well adding a few coins to my "wealth". My most recent mosaic was something I thought about for almost a year. I asked a friend to pick up some coquina shells from Vilano Beach. Vilano is comprised of these shells, rather than the smooth sand of St. Augustine beach, although they are just a few miles apart. I spent many days searching and finding shark's teeth at the water's edge of this beach...not very often found on St. Augustine Beach. This is what I have attempted to capture in the piece "Walking Vilano". It measures 14" x 24" and is done on cement backer board. It contains thousands of shells and beads...and even a shark's tooth! Visit my new venue for sales at

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